Alpha 4 Released !

Release of Alpha 0.4 (v0.4.3)

  • New Defeat / Victory Theme Song by Marek J. Smagala
  • Big rework of the Visuals. New & Improved Fog of War with stylish new space background and small rework of the UI (more in the work)
  • Big Content Update! More than 130 new items added in the game with the idea of creating powerful synergies.
  • The usual small Crashes and Bug fixes (nothing major)
  • Various performance optimization should make the game even more fluid
  • Many Balance changes to accommodate all the new items

With the new Content system I added in this release I'm hoping add even more tools and items easily for the next few update. One of the big plan would be a whole bunch of Electronic Warfare Utilities and Weapon to help cripple your ennemies! Along with this maybe some new ships and finally getting to polish the Jerg and Vorg branches.

Do check the Human Coalition branch for a chance to purchase all the new items!

Files 61 MB
Version 3 Sep 14, 2020 62 MB
Version 4 Sep 14, 2020
SolarRogue0.4.3-signed.apk 67 MB
Version 3 Sep 14, 2020

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