Update 0.6.4 - Patch Notes

Since I've mostly been working on fixes for Version 1.0 I figured I might as well release them incrementally so everyone can enjoy them!

This is a minor update to fix a bunch of random bugs and small quality of life improvements.

  • Fixed a few random crashes. Mostly issues with bad JSON data.
  • Small UI tweaks (colors, visuals, dialog sizes and such)
  • On PC you can now right-click units to automatically see an item's description instead of having to click on the look button!
  • Fixed "Cooled" EMP not cooling
  • Fixed Bren's Story (in the Crew section) that wasn't working as intended


solar-rogue-windows-x64.zip 61 MB
Version 0.6.4 May 17, 2021
solar-rogue-linux-x86_64.zip 62 MB
Version 0.6.4 May 17, 2021
SolarRogue0.6.4-signed.apk 67 MB
Version 0.6.4 May 17, 2021

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