Solar Rogue is out of Early Access!

Captain on Deck!

Finally it's time to call this new update v1.0.0. The game has been in Alpha for more than 1 year now and it's grown quite a bit with hundreds of new items, enemies, stories and monsters.

This will hopefully not be the last update for Solar Rogue! There are still many things I want to add but I'm pretty happy with the current state of the Game.

To celebrate version 1.0 I've spent some time adding some more content to explore and discover :

  • Nebulas can now appear in certain level and cripple your scanners, be careful!
  • Hotswap and Backup systems can now be equipped for interesting new bonuses
  • Each systems now have a different Hue based on the sun's type and color to make each level a little more unique
  • Requested by nearly everyone : Interruptable Crafting to avoid YASD!
  • Many items drop rates and stats have been tweaked

Of course, there is also a whole lot of bug fixes, polish and quality of life improvements

What's in store for the future?

So what are these ideas for future update you may ask? Well here's a few things from my wishlist:

  • More Space stuff (Quasar, Pulsar, Asteroids, etc.)
  • More Ships (Dreadnaught, Freighter, Interceptor, Cruiser, Corvette, etc.)
  • New Gameplay (Ai Personality Core, Boarding parties, Cloaking, etc.)

The Space stuff would be similar to the new Nebulas but affect your ship in different ways. Quasar could be sources of free energy. Pulsar with their strong EM waves could cripple a ship's shields and so on.

There are still many speciality ships that could be added. Feighter would have minimum armaments but be able to carry more than even a battleship. Cruisers would carry smaller ships similar to the Jerg Queen. Just like Bomber are basically slower Scout, Interceptor would be Faster Scout. With enough ship it might be possible to have different starting scenarios where you would be able to choose which ship you want to start in.

One of the major feature I would like to add eventually is the ability to do something with the ships you leave behind. Your crew would still be in the mothership but you would be able to install Personality Core AIs in other ships to create a giant armada that would work for you. This would drastically change the style of Gameplay and would only come into play late in the game so it is something I will need to spend a lot of time developing.

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